Smoother touchpad scroll

Hi I was wondering if an update were able to made to have my touchpad work a little better.

I have a HP Pavilion dv6 laptop and use two fingers side-by-side to scroll down with the touch pad. I notice compared to other browsers that scrolling isn’t as smooth on CD. it’s more like it moves down in 3" increments instead a smooth glide …

Any thoughts?

Hi otto321,
There is an experimental setting for smooth scrolling which may help.
Although I do not expect this option to be available when Dragon V34 is released as this has been removed from Chrome V34.

  1. Copy/paste dragon://flags into the address bar and enter, this opens experimental flags.
  2. Ctrl+F to open the find bar in Dragon.
  3. Copy/paste smooth scrolling into the find bar.
  4. Enable the highlighted (Smooth Scrolling) entry and restart Dragon.

Alternate you may find a suitable extension from the Chrome Web Store, one example below.
SmoothScroll-Chrome Web Store

Kind regards.

Thanks! the extension actually worked but the flags setting did not.

Good to hear one solution helped. :slight_smile:
Thanks for letting us know the flags setting had zero beneficial effect.

Kind regards.