Smooth Scrolling Isn't Smooth Anymore

It happened the same date when the Trust logo was added to the forum recently: when I scroll with the middle mouse button up and down, it’s no longer smooth. I tested with other web sites and they’re fine. Tested with IE6 and Opera9.21.

Same here. And if I disable javascript in my browser blocking the Trust logo before loading the page scrolling is smooth again.

Hmmm…I already have the logo disabled with the Opera url filter list and even disabled javascript and it’s still the same.

I used Firefox to view this forum (but Opera is m default browser).

Still seems sluggish (not sure of the correct term) with another computer at work using IE6. It’s more noticeable if the scroll rate is faster, and it also consumes more cpu (even on Opera :o). It’s just this forum, not other sites like even .

Update: I re-tested by disabling Javascript (in Opera) with the site refreshed this time :-[, and it’s smooth again. So it seems to be some other code added, despite the logo was prevented to load through the url filter list.