SmartHost setup for MS Exchange

For all users of MS Exchange with a SmartHost configuration experiencing difficulties sending/receiving email via Comodo Antispam Gateway.

Open Exchange Management Console.
Click on the ‘+’ next to Organization Configuration.
Select Hub Transport and select the ‘Send Connectors’ tab.
Right-click on the existing Send Connector, select ‘Properties’ and go to the Network tab.
Select “Route mail through the following smart hosts:” and click ‘Add’.
Repeat process to add
Click OK (no authentication is required)

Launch your Exchange Powershell Console and at the prompt enter: Set-SendConnector -identity ‘NAME OF YOUR SMTP CONNECTOR’ -Port:587
Restart the transport service from your services.msc MMC

Log in to your CASG console and go to the Outbound Users panel
Add the External IP address of your Exchange server as a user (e.g. ‘SERVER IP ADDRESS’[at]‘DOMAIN’)

If you are still struggling please contact us asgsupport[at]

Spent hours on this, so I created a little doc that might help out so someone else doesn’t have to waste the same time.

See attached .pdf

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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Make sure you use the entry in their help file (, not the IP addresses shown here.


Updated :slight_smile:

Updated again :slight_smile:

Useful link to define send connectors and the ports to use >


Thanks, good link even though a little old. We added a send connector instead of just changing the default one. We made the priority of the smart send connector higher (lower cost) to make sure mail goes out even if we can’t reach the smart host. 8)