Small skin problem

This is really small bug but let the CIS be flawless.

There is 1px bug in skin (upper left corner) - see image attached. My first impression was that my tft had developed dead pixel - but since it moved with CIS window it is not RIP yet.

Here are some general info for bug reporting:
CIS ver. 3.5.57173.439
sn: D040FBFE98F2444eA2D35D194B82684E
on Windows XP Home SP3

Best regards,
Vladimir Mincev

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This was reported many times in the past, and I believe it even started out since CFP 3 was initially released.

Few examples:

I later found out that it was only due to the default skin. If the user selects a different skin, it most likely won’t be there.

Jpg compression almost deleted this pixel - let me put this in another format…

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Sorry I have searched forum for this issue, and I have found none (searched for skin issue)… Thanx for quick reply!

I think most of our GUI problems will be gone when the next beta comes out hopefully this week (:WIN)