"small issue" when booting (bootmgr is corrupted)


I’ve stumbled upon a strange thing/bug. When my PC is booting up, just after COMODO Time Machine boot screen I can see error related to corrupted bootmgr file. But interestingly I need only to press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart computer and the error is “just gone”.

It’s not Windows fault, because I have O/S backup without Time Machine installed and that kind of error occurs only when I had Time Machine installed. This bug is connected not only with the stable app version (2.8.155286.178) but the beta also.

I’ve used Time Machine before, and I didn’t get any issues like that. I think that it could refer to my new HDD with advanced format capabilities (and my O/S partition is created with greater block size, as Seagate advised on their webpage). Also I’m running Windows 7 without separate boot partition (the O/S uses the same partition for boot and Windows files). The issue appears mostly after hibernating/resuming Windows - but that’s not a rule.

I know that’s a little drawback comparing to features that CTM offers (that’s the best Advanced-System-Restore solution I could find), but I believe fixing that bug could make a new CTMv3 even better.