Small CPL win opens on desktop and cannot be closed

I have been using CPF for some time and had no problems. Recently (dunno why, but the only major thing I’ve done in last times was to install Spy Sweeper as an antispam, but this might not have relations with that fact) it started to appear a small CPL window (mostly after booting) which I reproduce below … this windows is impossible to close with conventional methods being necessary to kill the process with task manager.
After this I just reload CPL and everything works fine (apparently).

Any suggestion ??

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Still getting the same problem … I’m now almost sute that it’s a startup problem. I get the problem ONLY when I reboot the system. Then I close the small windows (just using Task Manager, because it does notclose using standard ways). I get the error message for closing a task. Then I go to programs, star the CLP again and get no error anymore … everything works.


I got this small window once, but only once, just after an update to CPL. It only showed up the first time after the reboot.

curiouser and curiouser

ewen :slight_smile:

In my case it shows up 80% of the times I reboot (funny that it’s not 100%, dunno why) … and I can only close it killing the process in task manager ( I use Win server 2003). The i lauch CPL again and everything works fine …

I’ve still only had this the once. ???

Have you emailed

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