Slowdown with Comodo on Windows 10 1903

Hello! Since I upgrade to 1903 my system is soooo slow when Comodo is running. Some programs get blocked for a while, some programs will work slow…

This is not hapenning when I close Comodo, so I’m positive there is any issue (directly or indirectly) with Comodo.

I tried to reinstall it a few times but the issue get solved only for one or two days. After that, again the slowdown…


You need to be more specific on what you mean by slow down and how you close comodo. You also need to state which CIS modules are in use, if you have any other security software installed, and you need to provide logs of the blocking.

Slowdown is that I do a thing and the entire computer gets blocked for 5 or 6 seconds before doing the action. Something so easy like open a new file explorer window blocks the entire system. And that with all actions I do, everything I do blocks the entire system.

And by closing sorry, I should said uninstalling. Right now I have uninstalled because I’m getting sick and my computer is running like expected, I open a new file explorer window and in less a second it’s open without blocking my system. I’m writing this post and Chrome doesn’t hang out every time I write something. Well, my computer finally looks like a modern computer and not a 30 years old computer.

I have Avast, Spybot S&D and malwarebytes installed too.

What log do you want?

Hi Just_An_User,

Thanks for reporting. Could you please check you personal message and provide us the requested logs for further investigation.

Hello, thanks for your answer. I will reinstall Comodo then and execute it for a few days until I get the same slowdown, and then I will make and send you the log.


Your issues is the result of having multiple 3rd party security software running. Those are causing the incompatibility with CIS not being able to function properly which in turn causes system instability.

I’m having the same issue, only started to happen with Windows feature version 1903 of Windows 10.

I noticed also that when opening the Comodo Firewall control panel, I get constant flashes alternating “Secure” in green with “AT RISK System Agent is not running” In red.

I only have the Firewall portion of the Comodo program enabled, the rest is managed by ESET NOD32.

And before you come with the “its incompatibility”. It was running correctly BEFORE 1903.

Also, Comodo detects updates but never updates at all.

So to resume:

  • All applications take longer to start, way more by a large margin (programs that ran in 3 seconds now take up to 30 seconds to start to load and show the window or loading screen, hard disk load is low and same with processor. So its not a computer resource issue)
  • Comodo Fireall advanced view flashes Red and Green. Clicking FIX IT resolves nothing.
  • Comodo updater says there is an update ready to install, but shows nothing in the update screen for way too long
  • These issues started with Windows feature 1903
  • Quitting Comodo allows other apps to work and launch as it should speed wise.
  • Microsoft firewall and antivirus are offline

I also encounter the more or less the same problem after updating to win10 1903.
One way to trigger the slowdown is to open Settings —> Update & Security, then click Check For Update or click Advanced Options.

At the Event Viewer, Security section, there are few errors about :

Event 5038, Microsoft Windows security auditing
[i]Code integrity determined that the image hash of a file is not valid. The file could be corrupt due to unauthorized modification or the invalid hash could indicate a potential disk device error.

File Name: \Device\HarddiskVolume2\Windows\System32\guard64.dll [/i]

Note: I had uninstall and reinstall Comodo several times.

I managed to resolve the issue by uninstalling the firewall, rebooting, downloading the latest version, installing and re-configuring.

Now my system is back to full speed.