Slow webserver after installing this program.

recently i had problem with my webserver, I thought issue was with comodo firewall , but i noticed problem was with system cleaner. problem is that webserver ( apache,mysql,php on winxp sp3) access using browser is greatly slow.
normally a dynamic page on my dev system loads under 1 second. but after installing system cleaner. most take about 12 second to load and some load incomplete ( missing footer or sidebar ) . I assume system cleaner monitors all activity on system by default … if so , is there a way to disable this option and only manually scanning for clean ups?

please not that , i never turned the active cleaner button on .



Can you tell us what webserver are you using so we can reproduce this?

Sorry, I’ve just saw that " apache,mysql,php".

Yes. Apache mysql php. dosn’t matter if you install Wampserver , XAMPP, or just install them individually , webserver becomes very very slow ( dynamic pages ).interesting is that i never get the server time out. but i do get incomplete pages. ( either blank or missing some elements ) . once program is uninstalled ,webserver is back to normal .