Slow Upload speeds for game

Hello so I have been using comodo firewall for awhile now. But I play a game called warcraft 3 frozen throne and I host custom games. I have run into some trouble where uploading the maps to other players is going really slow. I went to dsl reports and did the speed test and got 3893 kb/s download speed and 415 kb/s upload speeds. I also have the game ports open i made a new port set and put the game ports in. I also only have the game open when I am hosting. So I was wondering is there any settings in comodo that I can change to get my upload speeds normal? Also when players are downloading the map the % they are at skips like from 3 to 8 and a lot of times people get stuck at a % it feels like the firewall is trying to block people from me. If you need any other information please ask thanks for reading.

Do you have all needed ports opened under Network → Security Policy → Global rules?

What are the network rules you have for the game application?

Nope it says Block ICMP In from IP Any to IP Any where ICMP Message Is Echo Request guess I should add the ports to global rules. Also when I add a new port for global rules the network control rules comes up. There are a lot of things here do I only touch Destination Port and put the port in there? Also the application is not in the application rules.

When making a global rule you need specify the Destination Port as well as the Destination Address. Source port and source address can be set to any.

If you want to make application specific rules check out the following for inspiration:

I think bending rulesets for p2p programs may work for your situation.

Alright there is a new problem when I add the rule and close the window and come back the rule is gone. Also in application rules I made the game a trusted app and it is also not there anymore. It seems that the settings are not saving for some reason so why might this be? Also it seems that windows firewall was also enabled ugh I dont know why it was on I thought it would disable when I had installed Comodo.

Windows Firewall should be switched off.

With regards to settings not being saved. Can you make sure when you leave the Network Security Policy screen by pushing the Apply button?

■■■■■■ I feel stupid did not notice the other apply after I already applied network control rules:(

You solved it. We all make these mistakes from time to time… (:NRD)