Slow to boot, slow to run since Comodo Firewall

Ever since I installed, my computer has been very slow to boot and run.

Is there anything I can do or try?


which version you have? 2.4 or CIS 3.10?

The CIS 3.10 (latest version) is lighter on resources. Comodo has already stopped version 2.4 and it is now almost redundant, without support from Comodo.

Which other software do you have? Software incompatibilities can cause problems not only to boot but also in its regular functions like two AVs and two firewalls etc.

Make sure Windows Firewall is not running.

Thanks for the replies.

Windows firewall is off.

I’m running (as in the subject :slight_smile:

I also run AVG.

Should I DL and install Comodo 3.10?


What OS are you running it on ?
If it’s an OS supported by CIS 3.10.x.531 i would suggest to uninstall 2.4 and install 3.10.x

Win XP SP2. Ok, I’ll try it. Thx.