Slow signature update


For some reason the signature updates for Comodo takes as long as 20 minutes to install but my main concern is that in the process it is uses 100% of my hard drive and slow everything else down. Because I set to run updates automatically on system startup it is also effecting the boot time of my PC and it seems to getting slower day after day.
I’m almost at the point if I want to use my PC I turn it on and go and have a cup of tea literally.

I was searching the forum and this problem seems to go back as long as 2009

Almost 10 years ago in the above topic someone told to report it in the BUG section, so here I am.
I have an old and slow HDD so I am certain it is also got something to do with it, but I have no problem with updates for other products but Comodo and with Comodo I have this problem since day 1 but it was only 3-4 minutes at the beginning but only getting worst. I am at the point when it takes almost 20 minutes for the update to finish and since it is uses 100% of my HDD it is also effecting everything else in that time frame the update is running.

Comodo Internet Security Premium 10

Microsoft Windows 10 Professional 64bit
Version 1809
Build 17763.195


Same for me, I’ve wondered about raising this issue. Signature updates can take 20mins on my system. This is all quite apart from the current ongoing problem of some things, like the recogniser and website databases reliably updating at all…

Stop crossposting the problem with the update of website databases. You are taking other people’s topics off track with problems that are obvisouly server side instead and you are violating the Forum Policy.

If you have a problem with the update of the recognizers please discuss it in the RC topic which I assume you still have installed. It most likely is the result of using the regular update server in the RC build and not the beta server for updates.


An old hard drive can certainly be an influence. But sometimes left overs of previously inistalled security programs may also contributre. Can you see what happens if you run clean up tools for security program you have had installed in the past. You can find a list of clean up tools here: ESET Knowledgebase . Or if you are familiar with Autoruns you could check with this tool to look for autostarts from previously installed security programs.

Also do you have other security programs installed that run alongside CIS which could interfere?

Sounds to me that it is downloading the the lage bases db instead of the incremental dbs. Check ProgramData\Comodo\Cis\signatures folder to see if you have more than one .cav file. Also check ProgramData\Comodo\CisDumps to see if any crash memory dumps are present as it could indicate crashes during AV updates.

I have Malwarebytes installed for second opinion scans but I have disabled to startup with the system. It runs only if I start it and then I close it in the tasks Manager.
Only use it once in a while to double check nothing sneaked on to my computer.
I also regularly use CCleaner for cleaning my system and registry and I never had any previous AV installed but my Windows installation is pretty old.
I have installed Windows 7 about 5 years ago on this machine and then upgraded to Windows 10 about 2 year ago I believe and Comodo was the first and only AV product installed on this system since Windows 7. But even if the old Windows installation add to the problem, I also use Comodo on a newer laptop, about 2 years old with SSD. It is not as bad as on my system but even on the laptop the updates sometime can take 5-10 minutes. Laptop also running Windows 10, Comodo is the only AV product and Malwarebytes installed for second opinion scans. If anything then it must be Malwarebytes, but as I mentioned it is not running in the background, I disabled atorun. Not sure how that could effect Comodo update at system startup, Malwarebytes should be not running.

Thanks anyway.