Slow programs startup

I had to uninstall CIS because it was making every program startup really slow.
This would only happen when starting a new program, System startup and windows boot, as shutdown always took it’s normal time, and weren’t affected by this.

It would take 1 min or more for Firefox to startup, but once open it would work at normal speed. The same would happen to every other program including things like opening the Audio mixer in the tray area.
Comodo would open right away, but it would take a long time to open any of the settings menu.

The CPU usage was normal during all of this, I wasn’t experiencing any CPU spikes, so I don’t know why this was happening.

Now that I have uninstalled CIS everything is back to normal. Any ideas on what could be causing this problems ?
Should I just try my luck with a reinstall, I would regret wasting time reinstalling just to have to uninstall it again.

Windows 7 64bit
Comodo Internet Security Profile - HIPS and Sandbox disabled
Malwarebytes premium

Please make sure that the CIS installation folder is added to the MBAM Exclusions and that the MBAM installation folders are added to the AV exclusions of CIS. That way they won’t be in each other’s way. Does that make a difference?


I was excluding Comodo program files folder in MBAM. And in Comodo I created a file group with all the Malwarebytes executable files and was excluding that in the Antivirus Exclusions.

I am not sure what caused it, but it didn’t started right off when I installed Comodo (already had MBAM installed). It started like a week or so after. Although I could notice a few slowdowns from time to time, like the explorer freezing and things like that.
All that is gone once I uninstalled Comodo.

It is also not a question of underpowered hardware, I have 8GB RAM and an Intel Core i7.

Do you recall what you installed around the time the problems started to happen? You can let Program and Features sort by install date to see. It must be a program installed around that time that conflicts with CIS.

Can you also check the Windows logs to see if it reports problems with ur hard drive. The symptom of explorer hanging may be caused by problem with problematic sector on your hard drive.

Also, do Startup Delayer or Soluto bring any insights to the table where the delays in the boot process are?


Only installed a game: Smite. I am not sure if it could be the cause.

I ran chkdsk and the disk is clean. Also HDD Sentinel reports good health and performance on all my hard drives.

Sorry I miss explained myself. There were no slow downs during boot time or shutdown. Actually if I opened Firefox right after I logged on, it would open right away. If I waited a while it would take forever to open, or if I closed it and re-opened it.
It really gives the idea that it was something that started shortly after logging in to windows. Maybe some comodo checking routine or something… Or something that conflicted with comodo.

Are the slowdowns specific for Firefox or are other programs also and equally effected?

HDD Sentinel does not show any Current Pending Sectors?

To see if CIS plays a role when the slowdowns occur please check if cavwp.exe, cmdagent.exe or cis.exe are displaying unusual high CPU usage.

You can also try to cross references by starting CIS Task Manager at the moment of slowdowns to see if the AV is updating or running cache cleaner or cache builder. Or look at the Tasks logs of around the time the problems start to occur.

Virtually all programs are affected, including CIS itself. For example CIS interface would open, but if I clicked “Advanced Settings” the window would take more than 1 minute to open.
I mentioned Firefox because it’s my most used program.

If I have a firefox window opened, I can browse on it normally, and I can open new windows normally too. But if I close firefox (ie all windows) it takes more than one minute for it to startup again. Also I can be browsing normally in firefox and try to open a new browser, say Internet Explorer, IE will take a long time to startup to, and during that time I can still browse normally in Firefox.
Once a program starts, after taking a long time, they are responsive as usual.

There aren’t any specific times when the computer is slowing down, or everything is slowing down at once. It’s related with starting a new task.

Nope, both performance and health of the hard drive are at 100% and it doesn’t report any issues.

Also ran sfc, and no integrity problems.

Thank you for your detailed description.We might be looking at a bug. Can you one more thing? Please run clean up tools for all security programs you had previously installed. That is to make sure we are not looking at adverse interaction with a left over driver or service of one of them. A list of such tools can be found here: ESET Knowledgebase .

It seems from this as though the OP has MBAM Premium and CIS installed, both contain a real-time anti virus engine. That could well be the problm, having more than one real-time anti virus engine is well known to cause these sorts of problems. Try disabling either CIS real-time anti virus or the MBAM real-time anti virus and see whether that helps?

Normally mutually excluding helps to mitigate possible performance issues.

Yes I have the premium version.
I did try to exit MBAM but it didn’t help. Not sure if some services keep running, but if so they should really be scanning anything anymore.

I never had any other security programs installed. I am using a relatively fresh windows install, like 3 months old.

Could you for the sake of testing temporarily uninstall MBAM and see if that makes a difference? We may be looking at a bug and it is good to know if MBAM is involved or not.

I have unninstalled MBAM and reinstalled Comodo following the instructions pined in this forum.
So far so good. I will report back if anything changes

Keep us posted.

Apparently this as nothing to do with MBAM.

I found out that this issue is related with the firewall, and it only happens when I start my torrent client (qBittorrent).
I have the alert level set to high, as I want to distinguish between incoming connections on different ports. I also set the firewall to training mode so Comodo learns my connections in the beginning.
This settings seems to put Comodo in a state of semi responsiveness. the comodo service will be constantly using 12.5% of CPU, and the firewall rules list will be completely empty, and starts to be populated when I restart my computer.

Apparently Comodo tries to learn one too many rules for my BitTorrent client. This gets a lot worse and starts interfering with other programs start up if I enable Protocol analysis, Arp protection, and IP fragmentation.
If these are disabled than only comodo will more or less unresponsive.

Is this a known issue?
The known issues should be updated.

What is the spec of your computer?

i7 8GB RAM

I think there is some sort of underlying bug here. The rules list should completely crash and get completely reset.

Ok, it’s not resource shortage then :wink:

You are aware that setting the Firewall into Training Mode doesn’t block anything at all? In Training Mode the firewall creates automatic rules for all applications, but only adds them to the rules list if you check the ‘Crete rules for safe applications’ box. No firewall alerts are issued in Training Mode, everything is allowed. See Firewall Settings, PC Firewall, Firewall Protection | Internet Security. Setting the alert level to high does nothing in Training Mode because no alerts are generated.

I wonder whether the overhead in setting up automatic rules for the myriad connections a torrent client establishes is what’s causing your CPU overhead. You’d be better off setting a single manual rule for your torrent client and all our other safe applications and set the firewall to Safe Mode.

I don’t think this is a bug, I think you misunderstand what Training Mode does.

Yes I know that training mode just learns/creates rules for applications. And it won’t block anything unless I manually create a rule for that to happen.
I use since I freshly installed Comodo and I wanted to create rules automatically.

Create rules for safe applications wasn’t checked, so Comodo wasn’t doing that. But now that you mentioned it a few applications were showing up on the firewall rules list that were supposedly safe like MS Office Outlook, Firefox, other office components, etc.
Not sure if that happens when you tick Training mode.

The CPU wasn’t really down to a crawl, comodo was consistently using 12.5%, but aside from that… Nothing was really spiking.

The thing is that the Firewall rules list gets reset after that. Actually if I open Comodo while this is happening the firewall rules list is completely empty. And it starts to get repopulated only after a computer restart, it doesn’t solve anything if I just close my torrent client. So I think there’s something that throws Comodo into some inconsistent state. Which can’t really be by design