Slow print

I have a problem: very slow print with lan printer
I have 4 pc in local lan and a Kyocera 1300D laser printer
I have always D+ disabled
If i have also firewall disabled all goes ok
If i have firewall enabled i must wait about 30 seconds before print start
In System i have allow TCP/UDP in/out from Zone LAN (LOCAL LAN) to Zone LAN (LOCAL LAN) from port ANY to port ANY.
In log when i print i don’t see nothing.
Before i have an other firewall (SPF) and i have same problem.
Anyone can help me?
(Sorry for my poor english)

No one can help me? :cry:

Jsut a thought Shaba,try changing the tcp/udp to IP as there might be some ICMP requests being made to find out who is what and where.


ps Welcome to the forums

I trye add rule whit IP but in log i dont see nothing… :-/
Any other ideas?

Welcome everybody :slight_smile: