Slow logon with XP Pro

Just installed CFP and looks like a decent bit of software except for the very slow startup time.

Seems to boot up pretty much as normal to the Welcome logon screen. Try to logon as any of the users can take forever.

The login jingle is as normal and then XP does nothing often for 3+ mins. Eventually the hourglass appears, but more than once I’ve had to hit the reset button. Once the hourglass appears then things appear to behave as normal.

If I uninstall CFP and switch to a different firewall, then XP starts up as normal (<10 secs from welcome screen to logon).

During startup the log indicated that CFP appeared to be blocking IGMP access to ( Allowing access didn’t really help.

Any ideas?

Does anyone have a way to speed up boot with Comodo? Thanks.

i have a slow startup too on XP SP2 media center edition. but that’s because i use many security software : CAVS, CFP2.4, CBO, SpywareTerminator, CMG, CVE.
so perhaps it’s normal, or not? ???

I have Windows XP Media Center Edition SP2 and i have Avast 4.7 Home, BOClean, Comodo firewall and all those other littls apps i’m forgetting and i have a relatively Fast start up.

hi goose, how many minutes/seconds we can consider as fast ;D ?
i’ll count the rebooting time next time i use my comp

p.s. RAM=1GB by the way

I have it all loaded and firefox launched within 45-50 seconds and this is with 512 MB RAM (128 MB of it is used for my video card)

i’m fine then. it takes about 1,5 minutes here.

then this is a problem.

Check Event Viewer. Is the system logging any events which are prefixed with a white X inside a red circle in the “System” submenu? Double click any you find to get more details.
To open Event Viewer, go to Start → Run, type: eventvwr.msc and click OK.