Slow login

Hello, using W7, I just installed this new version. I continue to have a slow startup : LED of the SSD is full lighting during few seconds (10 to 30) with “Veuillez patienter” (please wait) login screen and after comes the “Bienvenue” (Welcome) screen for few seconds, like with previous wersion.

I never had such kind of problem with version older than 7062.

When Comodo is uninstalled, the startup is instantaneous, with just the “Bienvenue” (Welcome) login page for less than one second.

I thought this new release would correct the issue, is it the case ?

For Windows 7, you’d better use v11.0.0.6802 or v12.0.0.6882, I assure you won’t lose anything.
After installation, run a rating scan with internet connected and for cmdagent.exe allowed. For the first time, turn off HIPS, it is not configured for you, and your brakes may be precisely because of this.
Updates KB4474419 and KB4490628 must still be installed, even if COMODO is not installed.

Hello. I agree with you, I was using v11.0.0.6802 but automatic update pushed me to the 7062.
I already searched on the Comodo web site a way to download v11.0.0.6802 but unable to find any. The installer allways install the last version. and the link Comodo Internet Security Download don’t work anymore. It launch the CIS_installer for the last version.

look here: Télécharger Comodo Internet Security pour Windows -

Thanks a lot ! It works ! :smiley:

Always use a clean offline install, then import configuration and file ratings.
I can offer original v11.0.0.6802 x64 offline installer .msi (not .exe), but it does not matter.

It is ok for me, I installed v11.0.0.6802.

Now understanding how the forum works, I think I could use further the offline version from this topic :

Thanks all for you quick help ! :slight_smile: