Slow FTP's after Comodo Firewall installation

I’m a former ZoneAlarm Free user and I’ve been running Comodo firewall( for about a week now. Great product…thanks for making it freely available! I ran into a couple of problems. One was high cpu from CMDAGENT. That was corrected by turning off the Monitor DLL Injections.

But the problem I’m still experience is incredibly slow FTP transfers between lan machines. What was taking between 10-11 minutes is now taking 45-60 minutes. I “checked” the Skip Advanced Security Checks for both the FTP client and FTP server, but didn’t see any change.

Both my client and server are WinXP SP2 machines. No other firewalls are installed or active. Avast anti-virus is installed but doesn’t seem to be getting in my way. Again… this only started after installing Comodo.

I’m using SAVE2FTP as the client and Filezilla as the server. The release levels haven’t changed.

Nothing shows in the logs. I have created a Trusted Lan zone and everything is working. It’s just taking much, much longer.

Does anyone have any suggestions?