Slow download speed with monitor DLL injections turned on

I am using firefox web browser and web pages are very slow to load with the monitor DLL injection turned on. Have comcast high speed internet. When kaspersky anti-virus is turned off and monitor DLL injections option is off in comodo web pages will load in about 5 seconds. With monitor DLL injections turned on and anti-virus still off web pages load in about 35 seconds. Tried to turn off the other options in comodo application behavior anlaysis one at a time but only the monitor DLL injections option made a difference. What is causing the slow download speed with this option turned on? I also tried using internet explorer with the same result. Will leaving this option turned off make my computer a high risk for an attack? Thanks.


Hi Scott & welcome to the forums.

I guess whatever is causing this is not browser related, since you can demonstrate the same slow load in both Firefox & MSIE. Are there any corresponding entries in CFWs log? Are there any blocks in the Application Monitor or Component Monitor? What rules do you have in the Network Monitor?