Slow down problem

I have been using Comodo for 1 month or smth. Since I installed it, I have a mojor slow down in the screen; mouse goes in slow motion, clicking it becomes a problem. Is there any solotion about it? or is it a problem that you guys are working on it? by the way does anyone has the same problem as I have?

My pc has a amd turion(x2) ultra dual core mobile ZM-80 2.10 mhz CPU
and its grafic card is ati radeon HD 3200. Im using windows 7 (64 bit) so as u can guess my RAM is 4 GB. So I guess its not beacuse my pc is an old type pc which can not endure this program.

I hope I can get an answer and solve this problem cause I ve really started to like this Comodo Internet Security. Im a fan of Mr. Abdulhayo─člu.

What mouse or touchpad are you using? Are you using the AV or the complete suite (which contains the av)?

I am not familiar with the AV only version but if I understand things correctly the AV also has the Defense + module. When it is present check the Defense + logs for notifications of possible helper programs for your mouse or touchpad. Please post a screenshot of the logs. They are under View Defense + Events.