slow down issues

I am fully protected by CIS and regularly scan for problems on my 64 bit Win7 PC.

I have noticed that dragon is slower these days and when i checked Windows Task Manager I saw that 11-12 entries are there for Dragon even when nothing else is loaded. So I opened Ice Dragon and there is only one entry.

Do you have any ideas about what could be the cause of this?

Hi Topcat2456,
Dragon is using multi-process architecture, hence the multiple entries in Windows Task Manager.
Multi-process Architecture-Chromium
Multi-process Architecture-Chromium Blog

Shift+Esc will open Dragons Task Manager, this will show each individual process of Dragon.

As for the speed decrease of Dragon, any extra information about when this occurs etc might help?


It will also by default load linked pages from a web site. I don’t know if that extends to ages on other web sites which may get opened in a new tab. I am thinking out loud; I browse with Opera by default.