Slow browsing with IE7

i just installed the firewall yesterday and with the firewall running opening webpages takes quite a while before they load. It sticks at connecting.
I shut off component monitor and emptied all the things listed there aplied it and even restarted the computer. Still slow opening of webpages.

Is there an issue with the firewall and IE7?

Not really a response, but i am having the same problem…
The “funny” thing is that after connecting to the intenet browsing is fast, and gradually slows down. However, if i dare use utorrent, it immediately slows down to a pace that makes me think some guy is writing the html for the site to open.

any ideas?

Hi, I haven’t run into a resolve, “yet” which means I simply haven’t found one ,not that one doesn’t exist. Some have had problems with their XP firewall turning back on when using IE 7, try checking that and don’t forget under Exception tab, check all boxes, in Advanced tab, UNcheck LAN. WinXP firewall will still monitor by default even if off. This can slow down the browser. That said, my own personal experience was that the add ons were throwing a fit using CFP. I shut my add ons off and all was well, chose not to use. However, I personally don’t take responsibility of htting a bad site, etc… and is completely your choice . I must cover that :wink: My personal choice is Firefox, I don’t worry so much then but it’s up to you. This may not even solve your issue but give it a whirl.

Hope this helps,