Slow boot up

:frowning: My PC consultant told me that my WD 500GB external hard rive would be hard to restore from since it was non-synchonous. I installed Comodo back-up on my external hard drive and the online 5GB option and backed up my documents folder with off-site storage. I like the synchronous approach but see a couple of problems. First, I noticed that all of the documents in my documents folder (MS Word, pdfs, Excel, PowerPoint) have yellow circles with exclamation points through them. Is this an indication they’re being backed up online/off-site?

Second, it now takes 11 minutes to boot up, a problem I’ve never had before. I’m running Vista and have Avast as my anti-virus program. HELP!! I would hate to have to choose another back-up direction. I was testing this before purchasing full storage.

Pretty bad when I have to reply to myself. :wink:

I had contacted Comodo via chat and had asked a Security Expert about the exclamation points in a yellow circle even before the slow boot up problem manifested itself.
Here’s how it went down:
You are now chatting with ‘X.’
X: Hi! My name is X. How may I help you today?
Me: My documents and other files I have backed up on my Western Digital external hard drive and with the 5 GB online storage now look different. They show an exclamation point ! through the documents and folders but only the ones I backed up. Is this a reflection that they’ve been backed up?
Me: Thanks! My computer guy had my go with Comodo, and I’m testing to see how well it works for backup and looking then at other Comodo options.
X: In order for a Comodo technician to be able to remotely connect to your computer you must first download and install the GeekBuddy application. The GeekBuddy application can be downloaded on the following page…:
Me: I understand but I’m simply asking if the icons on my PC that show documents (MS Word, PowerPoint, pdfs, etc. and the folders that hold these files) would have been changed by being backed up via Comodo.
George A.: no
Fredric Brown: I’ll install it.

Well, I didn’t install it and turn over access to my PC. I uninstalled the online backup and the exclamation points and slow boot up went away.

How can someone who manages the product not know that documents are marked with a gold star to show they’ve been backed up or are ready for back up and that they’ve been backed up externally/online by showing an exclamation point through the documents inside a yellow circle. Has no one backed up using the free 5GB option. My confidence is shaken. The 10 minute boot up disappeared and my system went back to functioning normally. Previously, every time I tried to delete a document, the document came back. That too has stopped. Am I missing something here in terms of system logic?

The slow boot up was reported in a few cases. We are working to improve this.
To improve the boot-up speed you can rename the cbvd.sys driver in \Windows\System32\Drivers, but mounting the COS drive or cbu backups as virtual drives won’t work then.

The overlay icons (exclamation mark, star, green check) are from sync option in Comodo Online Storage.
I recommend you use uploads via Comodo Online Storage (drag&drop to dropzone) or backups with Comodo Backup instead. There are some known issues regarding sync to Online Storage which will be fixed in next release.


Thanks. I’ve also noticed that I have to take extra steps to actual delete documents because they keep reappearing after deletion and documents that I haven’t opened or altered in years are appearing at the top of my documetents in date order.