slooooow update why is this!

Okey yesterday i redownloaded comodo internet security, so i had this standard 195mb file to download, but it went so slow it was unbarable…But i survived…

Today i have reinstalled my system and i have about 200-300 important files to install from windows update before everything is fine again…

so ofcourse i download comodo so that i can be connected safely to the intenet while all important updates are being made.

But once again it is slow as ****

im downloading at a speed of 88kb/s.
Don´t tell me to try change server because i already tried that.
and its still slow. trying to download it manually from gets me up to speed of 1.2mb/s(max)

so why is it so slow:C

sorry if i sound rude but this is getting really frustrating now

What version of CIS are you using? I am noticing you are downloading a database that belongs to v4. What is your connection speed?

There is currently some back end work going on that might the cause of what you are seeing.