SlimWare Utilities

I think those cloud system utilities are rather useful:


I had one necessary program not working but when I updated my drivers by SlimDrivers it got working!

I don’t find SlimComputer useful for my comp.

Who tried these progs, what’s your opinion?

Moved topic from Other Security Products because these aren’t security products. :wink:

Well, there’s av scan in these 'slim’s so you can leave my post in 'Other Security Products.

I tried SlimCleaner and I liked it but… CCleaner is more reliable, I fund some bugs that put me off, the user base is still small.
Don’t get me wrong, I find both the program and the approach (user supported and cloud based) to be valid; but it needs improvement.

Edit: after some testing, it needs a lot of improvement.
Severel bugs (options during installation were not present after install, among other things)
Doesn’t always connect to the cloud (the AV cloud works on and off)
Doesn’t always recognise the right apps (either to clean or uninstall)
Not enough settings (not the right ones, like where to start the program)
Too slow to start
Too many web connections

I would not risk one clean up with it; CCleaner all the way.

Edit 2
The AV cloud scaning is still on (three hours) and no answers.
I’m uninstalling.