skype connection issues

having issues with skype connection. even though its been added as trusted application it still gets blocked sending out to server (eg. signing in) sometime it conncts for a while then looses it again. checking firewall traffic shows up that it is still being blocked. not sure how to get around this as was no problem with 2.4. rules don’t seem to be remembered, as has beeen mentioned else where.any suggestions would be well received.


I have the similar problem about chatting software^

Ask for help^


Skype is having a major problem right now (since yesterday actually) which will not allow members to sign-in.

More information is available on:

Harry (:NRD)

cheers for the link. seems that may be the issue. firewall seems fine and dandy for everything else, though did have a memory leekage issue yesterday while running opera. not sure if one-off will keep an eye on it. may be conflict with AOL virus shield (kaspersky) although hasn’t had any other issues with this prog.


Yes I have this same issue and so does my friend who lives in France, so it seems to be global.