Skip Update

Once you skip update, how to update later?

On 2 systems I skipped update, now I am tryjng to do update but I get already up to date.

How to update now within dragon?

Hi Naren,
The About Comodo Dragon page will manually check for updates.
V27.1.0.0 will show as up to date while V27.2.0.0 is suspended.

Why 27.2 is suspended?

Thanxx for the info.

No problem. :slight_smile:
Edit V27.2.0.0 update is active at the moment.
Hopefully to stay.

But about screen shows update cancelled by the user. No way to check for update.

Please close the browser and try again.

I tried closing the browser & restarting the system too but the same thing.

Let me check with cleaning temp files.