Skip file option for virus scan

Would it be possible to implement a button to skip the current file that CIS is scanning?? At the moment I want the Antivirus to scan my entire computer except I don’t want the antivirus to scan the backup of my database file. Does anybody else think this will be a useful feature or not?

“Skip current file” - not a bad idea, adds flexibility :-TU

Providing you always backup your DB with the same name and in the same location, you could add it to the EXCLUDE list.

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When an item is on the exclude list, it is still scanned, CIS just doesn’t alert the user if something found in it.

From the help file;

The Exclusions tab in the Scanner Settings panel displays a list of applications/files for which you have selected Ignore in the Scan Results window of Run a Scan option.

All items listed and all items added to the ‘Exclusions’ list will be excluded from all future scans of all types.

I don’t interpret this as meaning it will be scanned but not reported on. That would just be a waste of CPU time.

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I saw this in one dev’s post somewhere.

Hmmm… I’ll try and make time to investigate further. Exclude should mean exclude.

I wouldn’t interpret that to mean that it would be scanned but not reported either, but regardless, that’s what it does…

Try it.

However, it’s not as big of a deal to me anymore since the 3.8 release. Instead of taking the massive 4 1/2 hours to scan my system as 3.5 did, 3.8 takes around 50 mintues. This puts it right in line with any other AV scanner I’ve tried.

I still think it needs to be fixed though. And if it’s actually operating the way the devs intended, (which would boggle my mind…) then they need to reword the help file.