Skin/theme option

Hello, I’ve just upgraded to v4 from v3. I can honestly say I don’t like seeing too much red in v4’s user interface. I prefer v3’s white as I find it more relaxing.

Please add an option to let us change the theme/skin.



yes indeed… I’m little dislike with red color… prefer some blue or like the old one (v3)… There’s theme configuration in Comodo Firewall but all this time I used CF… There’s no ehancement in theme variation… are this feature will be vanished?

sorry if my english is bad…

I hope the developer will gave us some other color theme instead this red…

i agree whats the point of being able to select a theme when theres only one? 88)

I agree with you. I agree completely.

Where can I download the other theme?

You could copy the skin file from the Comodo V3 to V4 theme directory ,and apply

I would really like CIS to have again this skin, modified accordingly for the Security Suite:


Cool! O0

Where did you get this skin from?

I’m afraid I can only find a screen shot here.
How to extract it?

You can only see the screenshot…you cannot download the application or the skin, since it is an older version of the program…
I just posted it to show an example of what i would like the next skin of CIS to be like…

All right.
older theme is more sophisticated theme than now. It’s the joint opinion.
Comodo must admit.

I know Comodo want to use CI colour which is rouge red.
But comodo should not skimp their work of creating theme.
Not simple just dull design…

I hope they will create the next theme soon.

Gloss doesn’t necessarily equal sophistication. The older theme isn’t really that great, and honestly, the less fancy-sparkly the interface the better.


just have posted a link