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I installed BOClean to XP Pro SP3 this morning (UK time) and i have a little TV like thingy in my task bar that changes colour (black, blue and green) so i presume its working OK ? so do i just let it do its own thing or is there anything i should be doing with it ?

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yep, you don’t have to do anything. let BOC sit there and watch your system.

this is the info about what the color of tray icon means

oh if you wanna know whether boc is working or not,you can try trojan simulator

Oooooo thanks for all the info ganda.sys.vbs ;D, i will read up on BOClean, Oh and i clicked your Dragon - Awww very nice 8)

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What I always recommend is to change BOCleans configuration like this :

  • Right click the task bar icon.
  • Left click “Configure BOClean”.
  • Change “Check for update every 24 hours” into “every 6 hours” ( 6 hours is the minimum time interval ).

In case you don’t have a fast internet connection :

  • Change “beginning 4 minutes after bootup” into “6 minutes” - “10 minutes”.

After changing the configuration :

  • Left click “Finished”.
  • Left click “Close this menu”.

WARNING : Don’t change anything else in the configuration unless you are sure what you are doing !

Some info about BOCleans Configuration :

From here :

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