sites not rendered properly Comodo v.80

Some sites that were displayed perfectly in v.79 now definitely broken
or imperfect, especially with non standard fonts sizes or zoom levels.
Of course it’s impossible to browse using 79 and 80 side by side, but
the general impression is that this version has many regressions wrt
the rendering of common web pages :=( Besides, I use a slightly older
version of Chromium on another machine (but Linux rather than windows),
which also does not have any problems rendering sites.
Why oh why is it necessary to “advance” and break things ? Would it not
be better to squash “bugs” - only ! - and NOT change what was working ?

Please in the future, do provide a full off-line installer for previous version(s) -
not the online stub that always installs the latest grandest (not) version of Chrome/Comodo !

can you tell which site?
This facilitates support (print, site…)

Thanks. I can name in particular, but really many sites do not look right in this version.

here site: is normal
try disable addons or extensions adblocks and scripts block, if use some :-TU

Hello Czerno, thank you for your concern, the issue with using older version of the browser is that the chromium code has a “internal time bomb” and after a short period websites tend to not work properly, due to lack of upgrades. We can’t just fix bugs and release the same version there are many thins that we need to change for the users to have a good experince while using our browser(security,codecs,compatibility, visual etc) v80 has some rendering issues that we are working on solving. As a quick fix you can try deleting your Cookies and cached images from accessing- chrome://settings/clearBrowserData?search=clear - like in the photo attached.

Unfortunately deleting all the data as suggested has not made things any better. Oh and did I mention also CD 80 “OOOOPSing” (Awwww snap!) non infrequently, which did not happen previously.
Regarding extensions, the only non standard one I added is Scriptsafe - but the rendering problems and occasional crashes seem to occur in the same manner with extensions disabled (all of them) - and to be perfectly clear, I have been using scriptsafe like forever, it’s not something I added recently.

Thank you Czerno for your feedback, can you provide some scenarios were the “OOOOPSing” (Awwww snap!) happens, web pages where it does , we appreciate every feedback

Sorry for belated reply. I’m afraid I cannot provide more examples, actually I reluctantly have left the Dragon aside
since the problem arrived, downloaded and used Firefox instead. I’ll be sure to come back to trying the CD as soon as a new version happens. Also, I find myself using the marvelous Raspberry Pi 4 microcomputer almost exclusively now instead of the Windows desktop, not sure if there is a version of Comodo dragon for Raspberry Pi OS now.

Hello Czerno,

We released a BETA for the new version where we fixed the rendering issue, If you could check it out and give us a feedback it would be great.

Oh! nice ! OK shall upgrade to the Beta CD next time I fire ye old Windows box…