Site Questions?

I haven’t seen a forum for questions regarding the site… Do we have one?
For instance, Why would I receive a “Registration Required: Unable to create Ticket” email when I haven’t attempted to submit a ticket?

Actually we do, but even I had trouble finding it :-[:

The Comodo website issues for submitting website problems only child board.

Ah, thank you so much!
Is there something in the layout that I can change to display these child forums?

Not that I know. I found that by starting out with the Welcome to the Comodo forum link and manually searched for it.

There are some settings in your Profile, under Look & Layout Preferences. You may want the “Show Child boards on every page,” and perhaps “Show board descriptions.”


So that’s what those do. I tried them before and couldn’t spot any differences :-\

Hey, I try to help edjimacate folks when I can. Especially you! ;D


Thanks Little Mac,
I’ll give that a swing… hmm, already checked. :-/
It’s there just not easily read with my aging eyes.

I guess like things at a minimum, optimum state. Take a look at this sample pic and you’ll see what I see. Simple and quick to load pages 8). Thanks to Opera’s site blocking feature. :smiley:

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Smokes! That sure is lean!

No problem. Aging eyes, well you still caught the trojan link in quoted text in the other thread; I missed that one (of course, I’m all but blind, but that’s beside the point.)