site inspector wish

have option to auto scan sites that aren’t whitelisted by comodo dns. notify the user that for this to work they have to have comodo dns enabled if the user doesn’t have it enabled and then give them the option to enable it within the prompt

Thank you for your feedback.

Is your idea implies the presence of client program on PC or browser add-on?

i’m not sure i really understand what you’re asking. but if you’re asking if comodo dns needs to be enabled through dragon or windows actual dns setting then i’ll let you guys figure that out. if you’re asking if the site should be scanned using the site inspector addon or a separate program for the user to install on their system then i’ll go with site inspector addon if possible. if i misunderstood then could you please reword your question

if this isn’t possible in any way then at least send non whitelisted sites to comodo and put in a que on a separate server to be scanned than what users use to manually scan sites via the website or right click scans.

WebInspector (SiteInspector) already integrated with Comodo Secure DNS system. DNS gets a feed of unsafe domains from WI and special group of analysts control this process.

But there is a difference between Secure DNS and WebInspector protection. Some domain can provides malicious links or links to malware files, but they can’t be blocked by DNS.

E.g. popular service “” provides a lot of malicious links or “” provides a lot of links to malware files, but if Comodo DNS block domains “” or “” users will complains.

But WebInspector can check concrete URL for your protection.

couldn’t you guys have an option to block sites with malicious links or downloads but just leave unchecked by default and give the user a way to exclude certain sites.

also would you guys be able to have comodo dns tell site inspector adding to scan a site automatically if it’s unknown to comodo dns. this would be an option that would also be disabled by default.