Sincere appologies - RE: Win2003 R2 compatibility

A while back I had a public meltdown.

My most sincere and humble appoligies are offered to the forum.

It turns out ALL of my problems were hardware related; CIS (including v5.8.xxxx.etc) works fine w/ Server Win2003.

FWIW: the fundamental issue turned out to be the PSU. My original (1999) Tiger brand 300w PSU was replaced in Aug 2007 w/ULT-350P PSU. In either case I never suspected the PSU; the voltages where ALWAYS w//in +/i 5%. In Aug 2007 the problem manifested differently - probably related to current insufficienty w/high ambient temps, while recently the problem most likely is due to noise on the DC rails.

I’ll state this emphatically: IF one is having problems w/CIS (in any way, shape or for) one should look closely at the age of various components of their computer. The biggest question needing answering: what is the quality of that component.

I’ll state this: after my public meltown on this forum I experienced 69 BSOD w/in 2 1/2 days. It was the x8E bugcheck that gave me the clue. I went to the local store and bought a decent PSU unit. Virtually ALL of problems went away instantly. Thing was I was lucky enough to get an Eagle 500w PSU for $25. For a person who’s workin’ $7.40 per hour (for every hour in their 20 hr/wk) that’s an issue.

At this time the only thing I don’t like about CIS is the color scheme for v5.8.xxxx. That being said I can live with the ‘black’ scheme. All I can say to CIS dev’s : keep up the good work.

To reiterate: I can’t stress how greatly dependend CIS is on sound functionality of the hardware platform. For example: if one’s CIS AV updates are constanly failing and the AV version number frequently goes to Zero, i.e., 0, there’s a problem needing to be addressed.

MemTest86 will establish veracity of memory moduels, and Prime 95 will establish the integrity of the CPU, CPU-DRAM interface , and to lesser degree veracity of DRAM modules. IF - as in my case - CIS keeps crapping out and yet the Mem Modules test good, Prime 95 will tell you the problem is NOT software.

We’re glad you got to the bottom of the problem and we thank you for your apology. It’s a measure of your character that you had the cojones to do so and we appreciate it.

Ewen :-|)

WxMan1, I second everything Panic said and welcome back.

Great to hear you’ve solved it WxMan1. :slight_smile:

It’s interesting the ways that hardware can negatively affect software.