Since version 5 of CIS I can't see other PCs in my home LAN but they can see me

Hi. I hope you can advise something here.

This started when I upgraded to CIS v5. Now I have 5.8.213334.2131

I noticed some time ago I cannot see any other computer in my LAN (today I cannot see even a W2000 old PC without a firewall there) So Is my config on CIS.

What can I review in order to debug this? I am really lost. With version 4 everything worked fine.

Thanks for any tip.


I have to add. I can see one of the PC (pc1), the other I don’t (pc2)
Both pc1 and pc2 has shared folders I cannot see from my laptop (pc3)
In pc1 I can see my laptop (pc3) and the shared folder and use it
In Pc2 I cannot see my lap (pc3) but I can search for it (search computer) and then I can see the shared folders in my lap.

I disabled both firewall and defense and nothing happened. pc2 has comodo as well.


Also I have a Global rules allow everything in/out if the target is my lan (defined as /

It depends what sort of connectivity you need, but as a start you should run the Stealth Ports Wizard with the first option:

Define a new trusted network and make my ports stealth for everyone else

This will provide NetBIOS/SMB connectivity, so you should be able to access shares and printers etc. If you need additional connectivity, such as Windows 7 Homegroup or Media server access you will need to create some additional rules.

Thanks Radaghast.

I have that (as my last edit) but anyway I removed that one and created a new one without success.

What I need is share files from shared folders only.

Also I have a shared printer in my lap and pc2 can use it fine.

Can you provide the following information please:

  1. The rules you have for the System process (Firewall Application rules) on all three PCs, if applicable
  2. Global rules. on all three PCs, if applicable
  3. Firewall Behaviour settings
  4. D+ Settings, if used.
  5. Confirm you have NetBIOS enabled on each PC. (Network adapter properties)
  6. Operating system version and same service pack revision

Just to confirm:

  1. PC3 (laptop) cannot see either PC1 or PC2 at all either via map or search?
  2. PC1 can see and connect to a share on PC3 (laptop)
  3. PC2 cannot see PC3 (via map a network drive?) but can find PC3 via search

Please confirm which PCs are running CIS.

You can post images via the Additional options when you create a reply.