Since I installed CIS, Windows 10 taskbar forgets it's height sometimes

I installed COMODO Internet Security Premium 10 (v10.1.0.6476) and
I am using the latest Windows 10 version (v10.0.16299.248).

My porblem is, since I installed CIS, Windows 10 taskbar forgets it’s height!
This does not always happen, but very often.

I am using the taskbar locked, with double-height (two rows) and
with auto-hide option enabled.

Currently each time I restart my computer (or log off, and then log in) my taskbar appears
single-height (one row) and I must unlock it, set the two rows size and then lock it again…

Can you help me with this?
I am happy with the new CIS version, I only have this small annoying issue with it… J-)

Can’t produce on same OS.

Did you check without CIS to confirm if problem is due to CIS?

Yeah, I did not have this problem before installing CIS and I have it since then.
But currently it does not always happen, so it is hard to reproduce it intentionally… :frowning:

So sometimes it does remember the height settings, sometimes not.

Do you think I can debug this problem somehow?

Does somebody know a way to debug this?

It does not always happen, but very often… :confused:

Add the all applications file group to the shellcode detection exclusions, reboot and check issue.

If this works, try adding ‘explorer.exe’ only.

Meanwhile I uninstalled CIS, because it used 50-60% of the CPU all the time… :frowning:
Then I installed COMODO Firewall 10 (and now I use Windows Defender as antivirus again).
And the taskbar height problem is now gone.

But thank you guys, I will try this if I install CIS again and the problem comes back!

Hello, Limpi.

It will be better to collect Windows Performance logs during the issue reproducing. If it is possible, please install CIS again and check the issue. If the issue reproduces we will provide you instruction how to collect mentioned logs for further investigation of the issue.

Kind Regards,

Now the problem is back. Although I am currently using COMODO Firewall 10 (v10.2.0.6514).
So COMODO Firewall causes it too or it is not realted to COMODO products. I am not sure.
But I hadn’t it before I installed CIS.

How can I collect Windows Performance logs?
I found this:

Is this okay?

But the problem does not always appear…
So I plan to turn on logging and then check the logs immediately after the problem appears!

Can you tell me the needed steps please?

Sergey was referring to your statement of high CPU usage so he wanted you to provide performance logs to diagnose it. You should try mine and then qmarius suggesting to determine if it fixes the initial issue of taskbar height not being remembered.

Hey guys!
I tested the above solution with COMODO Firewall 10, but it did not help, taskbar still often forgot it’s height.
(Even if I switched to another user and then back to mine.)
Now I uninstalled COMODO Firewall and the problem is gone again! So I think it is COMODO product related somehow.
But now I am testing it for a while to be sure…

Now the problem is gone for good!
So for me both CIS and COMODO Firewall is causing it.
And adding the all applications file group to the shellcode detection exclusions did not help.

Do you have any other suggestions to avoid this bug?