Simply Amazing!!!!!!!!!!

I used comodo firewall now for months and it stills functons flawlessly as ever. I also loves the free scan tool. Amazingly it detected dozens of spywares in my pc!!! I just wanna ask if whenever comodo blocks intrusions in pc is that really mean that some bad guys is trying to hijack my pc? thanks and more power to you guys.

Hi. See FAQ’s | Common Issues & Solutions | Threads :-TU on what “intrusions” are in CFP3.

Don’t be so excited about the firewalls built in malware scanner. A least for now. It’s not full yet. It’s only a shell of whats to come. There could have been a lot of false positives from CAVS. So be careful. :slight_smile:

& It doesn’t get updated (malware definitions) Till the next CFP 3 release…