Simple Question

I have spent almost an hour trying to find a way to ask a question of the Comodo Staff. Evidently I’m a bit shy of knowledge on how to function on a forum. First of all I would like to have clicked on Contact Us and asked my question rather than submit a service ticket or join a Forum of some kind. Some websites seem to have preferences for browsers and so I use more than one browser. They all seem to work the same to me. So, I have Opera, Chrome, IE, Firefox, and Comodo Dragon. It doesn’t make sense to have so many and if Comodo was built using Google Chrome - why would Comodo be any different than the rest?

Comodo Dragon was built off of the Chromium core. Both Google Chrome and Comodo Dragon are Chromium browsers.

Also, that said, Comodo Dragon does not have the privacy concerns that Google Chrome does. In addition, it also has some extra security features. More information can be found here.

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I’m new to the forum thing. After reading the Help stuff I still wasn’t clear on what to do to post a question. It didn’t seem necessary to ask the whole world to consider my question - just a knowledgeable person from Comodo. I get it though - Comodo is more secure than Google Chrome - or is it more secure than all of them and I should be using it exclusively? Where should I have posted this question?

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So essentially you want to know which browser is the best. That is impossible to say.

Each browser has its pros and cons. I would say that, in general, Comodo Dragon is as secure, or more, than Google Chrome, but also that could be debatable. This is because often security fixes are put in place for Google Chrome before Comodo Dragon. That said, I’ve never heard of anyone being infected because of this.

As for other browsers, they all have their strengths and weaknesses. Do you have any questions about specific browsers?

I appreciate that there is no one “Best” of anything - everything and everyone has it’s/our place and purpose in this vast world of ours. One specific browser question would be: “When using browsers other than CD - do the browsers have any adverse affect on the Comodo Firewall/Anti Virus operation?” It seems that when there are more than one browser on a computer that some of the files are always fighting over which one to use ? The college where I teach only recognizes Internet Explorer and Safari - that’s it … no others work as well or at all in some cases.

Your choice of browser will not affect CIS at all. It operates independent of your choice of browser.

If you’re concerned with security, then that affects which browser you choose or which extensions you install. This does not affect CIS in the least.

Personally, I have Comodo Dragon, Firefox, and IE installed. There are not problems.

You should always choose and use the browser that best suits your needs
as for the comparison you can use this if it helps