Simple Copy in DVD Sized Increments

I just saw a review of COB and decided to give it a try to see if it will help me with my backups. Looks pretty good for most backup jobs but after a couple of hours of dead ends I cannot seem to solve what I thought was an easy task so I am hoping someone here could help or tell me if this tool may not be a match for my task.

My goal is to backup a Photo collection that is 14gb worth of directories in this way:

  1. Simple Copy backup of files so final backup are regular files and directories.

  2. Break up my backup into DVD sized increments of roughly 4.7gb

  3. Is one of the the following:
    If I can do this directly to DVD drive that is great but not necessary.
    If I can do this to a hard drive as directories that are 4.7gb each that will work.
    If I can do this as individual .ISO files that contain the files and directories that are 4.7gb that I can burn later to DVD that will work.

So far I have tried going directly to DVD-R and if failed with error 97. I think it was trying to format the DVD so I put in a DVD+RW and it began to work but does not look like it will split across DVDs but I may try that one again.

I tried going to .ISO but it appears I will end up with a 14gb .ISO with does not help either. The split option was greyed out so I could not select it. I am guessing it is not valid for a Simple Copy job.

Can anyone tell me if I can accomplish this with COB and maybe what I am missing. Any help is appreciated.

Well I tried a bunch of things including command line script and I cannot seem to find the right settings that will let me backup how I was hoping.

Nice program with good scripting but it just does not seem to work for this particular task.