Simple Browser Hardning with CIS.

Hey guys, I had an Idea which I think is simple… and effective.
Go to;
Comodo → Defense+ → My computer security Policy.
Select the application you want (Example: Internet explorer)
Change the “Access Rights” and “Block” it from executing other applications.

This may help prevent any drive-by downloads without prompt.
Hope someone finds this useful.

I think that depends upon how the malware operates. If the exploit was able to execute javescript in the context of the browser chrome and in some way pass a variable to a plugin, it could potentially bypass your setting.

It might cause a problem with IE8 as it runs itself.
Two processes run in IE8 one started by explorer one by itself.

A Java based exploit would sidestep this as well.

Good thought though Kyle.

Thanks for feedback. Perhaps if we put our heads together we could come up with a predefined policy to better secure browsers?


P.S Edited opening post.