Silent Malware Blocking???

I installed Comodo Internet Security on my desktop PC and have been using it fine until I got a virus alert. When I took care of it, I found a way to set Comodo to to auto-quarantine. But when it does that I doesn’t pop up an alert lke in the other versions. It just blocks them with-out an alert. Then when I checked show balloon messages in the more tap, Comodo starts to show alerts. But every 5 minutes or so a pop up comes telling me that CIS has been update or is checking for updates. I don’t need to see that. But, If I turn it off, then I won’t get an alert when a file has been detected. Can Comodo fix this because if it’s there intent to “default deny” and not alert you, then that is a problem.

there is no work around for this currently. there are a few different wishes for this in the wishlist. so hopefully Comodo listens to us and adds this feature in the next version