Silent Installs

I just ran across CIS and I am very impressed, I have looked at the reviews and become even more impressed, so first of all I want to say thank you and good job!

So I began to look at possible implementation in my office and have ran into a few snags. I first want to be able to install CIS (Virus Scanner exclusively) through a silent install in the logon script. It seems whenever someone asks about switches and configuration options from the command line Comodo is mute on the subject and the posts eventually get buried. I am assuming this is because Comodo does not want to provide the option to install silently because most if not all admins will choose not to install the toolbar and make the default search engine Comodo, etc. If this is the case I would just like to have feedback that this is indeed the situation and I’ll drop the issue and either change my procedure in setting up users or move on to another product.

However if there is some form of documentation or another post that I am missing explaining the procedure to be able to install silently and choose the options from the command line I would greatly appreciate guidance.

I would like to say that I think it is fair that Comodo wants to be able to capture those search bar installs etc since they are giving away a free product it just doesn’t work in the office environment. Then again most office environments buy a commercial product as we have in the past but I am exploring alternatives and the CIS AV seemed like a perfect fit between licensing and product features.

Thanks in advance,