sigsdb.db file appears on the desktop after online lookup (with

see the screenshot below. Doesn’t such a file belong to the temp folder usually :SMLR ?

running WinXP SP2

edit: today jan 14: I just attached the file (in a zip archive) to this post
edit again: :SMLR I’ll remove the file attached as it’s just a replica of what can be regularly found in the user’s profile Comodo folder. Thought it should have been found in the temp folder, and be automatically deleted very quickly after an online lookup cause I never found it there. I should have opened the temp folder while I was doing the lookup :SMLR

[attachment deleted by admin]

sorry to insist guys but I’d really like to know why that file is generated right on my desktop every time I run an online lookup with CFP, instead of going to the temp folder as it probably should. Thanks.

Just wanted to report that I just had the same issue. Does anyone know if this is a problem or not?

I have no idea, the file stopped appearing on my desktop after 5 or 6 online lookups. But I’d still like a mod or a dev to tell us more about it.

this sounds very interesting, we all complain and ask about it, but there is no answer. makes zone alarm sound a lot better huh.

Hi Guys,

It is a bug. And It should be fixed with the upcoming update next week.