Signing VB.NET app and deploying through ClickOnce

I’m sorry to ask a question that has already been answered probably:
I have * .p7s file during limited private key and contains 4 certificates.
After I imported it in my local machine store I need to use it to sign
VB.NET Application Which are you to be deployed through ClickOnce

What are necessary steps required to do this?

Thank you

EDIT: If I go to IE - Tools- Content - Certificates I see my cert listed. Only export format I get is *.cer and *.p7b.
Which should I choose ?


Please check the knowledge base, the answer may be there:


can’t search KB because I dont know what I am looking for.

Work with certificates is most annoying work I have ever done.
There should be sticky in this forum about all types of certificates and their use.

now I have a different kind of cert files:

but still have no clue how to get PFX which as I know is required for signing clickonce apps.


So you’re saying you cannot export the certificate from Internet Explorer by following this procedure:

Is that correct?
Please make sure you selected YES to export the Private Key.