Signing Fanfic

I want to digitally sign my Fanfic that I’m writing. What Certificate should I get? Just asking. Would a free Certificate work or not?

What’s a Fanfic?

I see…

Please explain further on what it is that you need to sign…

  • Is it an Email?
  • Is it a PDF Document?
  • Is it Code?
  • Or is it something else?

It is a PDF Document.

I don’t think Comodo’s Certicates support Signing PDF’s, though I could be wrong. If you are using Adobe, you may be able to create a self-signed Digital ID (I’m not sure that’s possible with the free version). If not, you could try a CAcert certificate.

Do you have Java installed? If so, Portable Signer may do you want… (I’ve not tried it)

Portable Signer didn’t work when I tried it. But see Reply #8 for a better free method.

I signed a pdf with Acrobat and my free email certificate from Comodo (got it through CSE). :slight_smile:

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Did you do it with the free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader?

No, I used Acrobat Pro. :wink:

I’ve just signed a PDF with JSignPdf and my free email certificate from Comodo.

  • If you use Open Office, it will give you an Applet that you can drag onto the Toolbar.
  • If you already have a recent version of Java installed, untick the Box that says, ‘Java Runtime Environment’, during the installation.
  • If you have a recent version of Java installed, but you don’t use Open Office, then just untick both Boxes during the installation.
  • Launch the program from the Start Menu.

It took a bit of fiddling around with at first. But just remember, it needs to know where your Digital Certificate File is (export it from Internet Explorer if you haven’t already), and what the Password is to import the File: You set the Password when you export it.

Once you’ve set it up, signing PDF’s is as easy as Adobe Acrobat Pro. But without paying, or risking a Malware infection from a Torrent, Crack or Keygen. :wink:

How to export your Digital Certificate from Internet Explorer…

[ YouTube Video ]

Here’s a screen-shot of the settings. Note that the ‘Keystore password’ and the ‘Key password’ are both the same…

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