Signing 64-bit drivers

As far as I understand, COMODO’s certificates are not accepted by 64-bit Windows Vista/2008 for drivers signing.

Will this feature be added in the nearest future?


Sorry, currently our code signing certificates don’t support 64-bit Windows Vista/2008 drivers signing and we will add this feature in near future.


In regards with three-years old topic:

this means that 64-bit kernel mode signing will not be allowed for existing certificates?


Any news on this subject?
My code signing certificate from Comodo is about to expire, but I don’t want to renew it if it can’t be used for signing 64 bit kernel drivers (Vista and Win7), as I’m going to need that feature soon…

no, it seems they still does not have a cross-certificate from Microsoft. This means your drivers will not be accepted by Windows Vista, 2008 and Windows 7 64 bit, i.e. all modern 64-bit systems.

Complete list of supported providers you can find here:

Unfortunately, only two of them works directly with end-customers. Good luck!

As told on the various mailing lists, Comodo still doesn’t go well with KMCS… is it true?

Any progress on this? It would be nice to not have to buy from VeriSign/GlobalSign. Not that the latter is bad, just expensive…

The 2006 message quoted in the linked earlier thread said it was an issue of EV guidelines not being established. Since they now are, have there been any more recent attempts to get a cross-certiifcate from Microsoft?



No progress unfortunately. :embarassed:

Here’s the list of CAs (from Microsoft) that support 64-bit driver signing…

Thanks for this information. That means it doesn’t make sense to sign the cat-files for 64 bit drivers unless there is a cross certificate from Microsoft?

Is there any workaround?

Microsoft have now cross-certified our Root Certificates! See the following topic for more details…