signin page of failed to load in comodo dragon, adblocker disabled

made several attemtps to open signin page of, but it failed always.
signin page worked in other browsers like firefox/opera though, the signin page itself is not loaded by comododragon fully.

The siginin box doesnt load in comodo dragon, it shows below error in place of the small signin box which is supposed to show username and password edit boxes and button: refused to connect.

screenshot has been attached

Could you please help? I have disabled adblocker, but this error doesnt go away.

any fix would greatly help

steps to reproduce: type in url box, then in the webpage that opens Click “signin” menu item.

comodo version: Version 70.0.3538.110 32 bit
windows 8 pro installed in C: drive, user account has administrator privileges

Hi databc1!

Thank you for your feedback!

We’ve tested with the pre-instaled extensions and we cannot reproduce your issue. Can you please tell us what antivirus and what other extensions do you have installed?

Comodo Browsers Team

To sign in at Alibaba you must disable “Do not allow websites to know where you came from (suppress HTTP Referrer header)” in advance settings.