signature of cis installer

I’m just wondering why CIS installer is signed using certificate issued by Verisign. Why not Comodo’s one?

Maybe Versign is more trustworthy and may look shady if Comodo used their own. ???

Nice find, and a pretty good question. maybe melih can say something about this.

Still no answer for this.

if you are pointing to the digital signature !! I have it signed by comodo ???

See my image.

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More one, this one is showing the details of who gave the certificate (Emissor in the picture).

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I’m doomed too. ;D

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what we all care about is the security and those funny stuff are non of our ■■■■ buisness ;D

Yep. Do you all hate Verisign or something? (Kidding :P)

The question is why not use their own certificate. Why spend money on a certificate from verysign?

I’m sure i didn’t put ( dang ) LoooooooooL at least replace it with something that has a meaning ;D

It does make me curious, but I don’t think it is a high-priority question that needs answering. :wink:

I agree with you but and explanation would be nice.

Yes, I agree, this is not security related and therefore not high-priority question. But it makes me curious why Comodo (which is one of the leaders of digital certificates market) uses code signing certificate from its competitor Verisign. ??? It’s like BMW using Toyota engine in some of its models. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? So, just like DiSP said, an explanation would be nice.

I would be horrified if I got a BMW with a Toyota engine but not if I got a Comodo installer with a Verisign sig. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice point of view :D.
Well for now we only have to wait, I still have some doubts if someone will ever answer to this question but…

Seems that nobody wants to answers to this.
(I’m just ex peculating)

I have an idea why, I would assume it’s because they want to prove that their code is authentic. If comodo signed it themselves naysayers would say, how do we know the code is good if they signed it themselves? So to avoid this they went with another code signer to prove that the code is good.

Actually that is a pretty good tough, but for example comodo dragon browser actually is signed by comodo, the same for other products.