Signature is missing !!!

File has a correct and positive valkyrie Verdict as Malware (PUA) , but the Signature is missing! Please check this! Thank you !!

Hi Pio

checking these 2 files. It seems we may update the verdicts.

thanks for the notification.

Hi Fatih ,

Sorry , the VT link should belong to the same file as the valkyrie link !!!

Fixed :

Anyway , thank you … !

Hi pio,

Thank you for reporting this.
could you please Reanalyze it. detection has fixed.

Aravindhraj J


Hi Aravindhraj J ,

Valkyrie Signature detection is positiv now ! I will check the detection with CIS after the next signature update and attach my result to this post .

Best Regards !

CIS & VT Detection >>> OK !!! :-TU