Signature errors while importing

Since the latest version of CIS 6.2.285401.2860 I have problems to load new signatures.
My PC is running W7 with 4Gb Ram and a lot of HDD space.
When CIS (premium) is changed into yellow I have to download the new versions.
But after saving and importing the new data the CIS systems gives this error message:
Install signatures Error

The only solution I found is to deleted CIS and install it again.
But that is taking a lot of time and frustrates.

I have downloaded the prog code directly from Comodo; cispremium_installer.exe size: 149.029.376 from 20-06-2013

Anyone an idea how to solve this problem?

With thanks for answering.

I believe this is likely an issue which can be solved. Thus, I will move this report to the HELP section of the forum, where you will be most likely to receive helpful advice.

Also, can you please attach a screenshot of your AV settings, so I can see exactly how it is configured?

Thank you.