Sidebars Disable? [SOLVED]

How can I change the sidebar settings? I have never used them & they are annoying, always flying open when I drag something within the browser. Is there a way of disabling them? If not, how can I change the options for them. For example, on the left sidebar I will never use 3 of the options (g+, P & In). And on the right sidebar I would not use the search or image search if I cannot default them away from ggl. Also I would prefer the youtube option not there as I would have a preferable choice.

If there are no settings for these options, then how can I prevent them from opening everytime I drag something within the browser.

Thanks for your time,


Install the following add-on:

When installed, open & turn off ‘Drag & Drop’ add-on.

Restart Ice Dragon & sidebars will then be disabled.