Side-By-Side Protection

Hello, I’m new to the FORUMS of Comodo. I basically tested many softwares of security even COMODO.
I just found a CLOUD-BASED SIDE-BY-SIDE protection that CAN run with your Anti-Virus for extra protection.
Immunet Protect Cloud. All though, I used it with: Kaspersky Internet Security 2010, and after some days(2 or 3) Kaspersky failed at detecting a EICAR file.
This happen also to COMODO… I had installed the FREE VERSION and running with Immunet Cloud, and after some hours(4 - 6 Hours) it also failed detecting an EICAR file.
Please help me, I’m right now Running PANDA CLOUD FREE with IMMUNET PROTECT because I got no other protection… Basically, all the SECURITY stuff like: COMODO, KASPERSKY failed me… Please help me fix this.
Cheers and Salute to the Comodo Forum users,


Why do you not try to use Comodo Internet Security Premium? My opinion is,
that what is essentially on a protection program is not the AV detection
rates but the protection against completely new threats on the Internet.
From personal experience I can say that I’ve tested hundreds of complet
new malware (many were not the signatures on any other vendors) and the
system was not affected!

Combining of different technologies (Default Deny Protection, HIPS, Sandbox,
AV, Firewall, etc.) offer a most realistic and credible protection against
the newest malwares in the wild as a classic AV.

You can give a try! :slight_smile:

Best Regards,

How can that help me?

It sounds to me like Panda Cloud Free cannot run alongside either Kasperky AV or Comodo AV.

CIS is a HIPS, meaning it will stop all unknown applications unless you allow them or they are checked and given the :-TU by Comodo. In this way you are protected against all malware, even if no AV has yet seen it.

I hope that answers your questions. If you want to run Panda Cloud Free it appears that you should disable the real-time scanning in CIS.

Really guys…
I have RUNNED: IMMUNET PROTECT wich is a cloud anti-virus with COMODO. But after some hours, COMODO didnt detect EICAR TEST FILE. IMMUNET PROTECT can RUN with your Main Anti-Virus wich was Comodo… If I fix problem, I will be using COMODO. :slight_smile:

why do you insist in using this immunet thingy ;D ?? run comodo IS alone and you will get 100 % protection against anything :stuck_out_tongue:

Comodo are good

I have buy pro

I use heu on high, most of malware i have tested be detected
1 file not detected but this download is form internet i have send is to analyze

Comodo are the best i have tested
But to beginning pc user are comodo not the best

User som know little to security and up are comodo the best

  1. clear browser cache, download eicar again
  2. Immunet detected and deleted it before comodo so comodo can detect anything
  3. Exclude each other processes from scanning
  4. You accidentally exclude eicar from comodo scanner
  5. check settings for on-demand archived files scanning if eicar is archived
  6. archived files are excluded from real time scanning
  7. check “show alerts notification…” in settings
  8. try to change from statefull to on-access
  9. your eicar is broken?